do we ready for so successful?

Be successful yearned for everyone. but doesn't be successful also done a large part person. while successful be everyone right above this earth. then why do we feel comfortable to be person fail, temporary success has waited at hand end to reachesed. question, what must we do? is success that really difficult make some people?

The answer it not! Here i shall not try to menggurui you to will be successful, but i try to train my way of thinking so that ready is successful. also must ready way of thinking, because really there one who not ready for so successful.
begin to do big matters with little matters. for example, sell a product with revenue or little profit formerly. that small change is gatherred patiently, diligent and hard work. if for little we want to work and worry out, so later we shall not respect to strive for big also. how does friend?

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