Electronic is Not Only in The Kitchen But Also Electronic Cigarerette

I never consider Electronic Cigarette as one of the possible invention. Even though I smoke like a train and I often imagine what could make this cigarette better, what could make the pack looks more attractive or what could do to make the better advertisement and even what should I do to make myself quit from smoking. Yes, I sometimes or often thought about it. Only thought..I know… because I could never resist from the temptation of smoking.

That is why I think I am a kind of person who already has enough imagination and creation about cigarette and the smoke. Just to enjoy the cigarette I could go somewhere that quite far just because I know that place would be good to have coffee to company my cigarette.I guess other smoker would do the same too.

But honestly I never ever figure or think about this electronic cigarette before. What is electronic cigarette? how could I enjoy that electronic cigarette ? How does that electronic cigarette looks like ? check the site www.smoketip.com.

With this electronic cigarette : you can smoke any where any time without bothering other people. It’s saving cost and you can re-charge it even ! this electronic cigarette also has no flame so it will not harm others and not danger for other surrounding area. The good thing about this electronic cigarette, it can make you quit smoking even !!!

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